Concert Videos

Videos from Third Thursdays

August 17, 2023: Dave Bryant (keyboards), Charlie Kohlhase (alto saxophone), Gabriel Solomon (violin),
Eric Hofbauer (guitar), John Turner (bass), and Miki Matsuki (drums)
July 20, 2023: Dave Bryant performs music of Miles Davis & Pharaoh Sanders with the band “Listen to This”
May 18, 2023: Dave Bryant (keyboards), Hill Greene (acoustic bass), and Gregg Bendian (drums)
April, 2023: Dave Bryant (keyboards), Al McDowell (electric bass), Tony Falanga (acoustic bass),
and Tony Lewis (drums)
March, 2023: Dave Bryant (keyboards), Tom Hall (saxophones), Eric Hofbauer (guitar), John Turner (bass), and Miki Matsuki (drums)
February 16, 2023: Dave Bryant (keyboards), Greg Hopkins (trumpet), Giovanni Moltoni (guitar), John Lockwood (bass), and James Kamal Jones (drums)
Dave Bryant (keyboards), Bruno Råberg (bass) and Jerry Leake (tabla and percussion)
Dave Bryant (keyboards), George Garzone (saxophone), John Turner (bass), Chris Bowman (drums)
Dave Bryant (keyboards), Matt Lavelle (trumpet, clarinet), James Kamal Jones (drums), Fred Williams (bass)
Dave Bryant (keyboards), George Garzone (saxophones), Srinivasan Raghuraman (vocals),
Mike Rivard (bass), Jerry Leake (percussion)
Dave Bryant (keyboards), Jim Hobbs (alto sax), Dave Fiuczynski (guitar), Mike Rivard (bass),
G. Calvin Weston (drums)
Dave Bryant (keyboards), Neil Leonard (saxophones, electronics), Bruno Råberg (bass, electronics),
Emile “Dr. T” Tobenfeld (imagery)
Dave Bryant (keyboards), Kenny Wessel (guitar), John Lockwood (bass), Luther Gray (drums)
Dave Bryant (keyboards), Tsuyoshi Honjo (saxophones), Gabriel Solomon (violin), John Turner (bass),
Curt Newton (drums)
Dave Bryant (keyboards), Russ Gershon (saxophones, flutes), Bryan Murphy (trumpet), J Johnson (guitar), Rick McLaughlin (bass), Jerome Deupree (drums), Yahuba Garcia-Torres (percussion)
Dave Bryant (keyboards), Tom Hall tenor saxophone), Eric Hofbauer (guitar), Jacob William (bass),
Miki Matsuki (drums)