• The Eternal Hang – Coda Magazine Bryant, a member of Coleman’s Prime Time since 1990, makes his debut as a leader here, and the record is an unequivocal blast.
  • The Eternal Hang – Signal to Noise The good news is that, in spite of these high expectations, the final product does not disappoint. The old Shock Exchange fire is there, but there is more structure and reserve to the tunes. And the addition of a voice and personality as strong as Garzone’s prevents this from being a concertante recording. What makes…
  • The Eternal Hang – Jazztimes The Eternal Hang has an inescapable harmoldic feel, which Bryant doesn’t apologize for. “In the grand scheme of things, my music doesn’t seem that far out. It is dense, but rhythmically and melodically it is strong. It is not obscure music,” Bryant says. “I don’t know where it crosses the line into free jazz. Sometimes…
  • The Eternal Hang – Downbeat Magazine On his debut recording as a leader, Bryant turns the beast loose the way Hudson used to do nightly on his riotous keyboard feature called “The Genetic Method.” Bryant swoops, swirls and cascades through seven compositions that are Colemanesque in both shape and texture.
  • The Eternal Hang – Boston Sunday Herald Top Ten CDs of the Year Number 9. Dave Bryant, The Eternal Hang (Accurate). Unsung, uncompromising and more often than not accessible, keyboard man Bryant turns out an avant-garde gem of a CD.
  • The Eternal Hang – City Search The album’s nine tracks (all but one written by Bryant) are intentionally sequenced to run from one directly into the next, which makes it a suite, of sorts. Punchy, aphoristic themes, long a Coleman trademark, are here, as are galloping rhythms and detours into unadulterated freedom. Bryant’s jangling, skittering, Sci-fi keyboards, in the grand tradition…
  • The Eternal Hang – …Bryant shows himself to be just as versatile –and he’s an intriguing and capable composer. Great, innovative, astounding music.
  • The Eternal Hang – Jazz Weekly, March 28, 2000 Imagine if fusion had become a viable option for improvisation instead of turning into a beauty contest for soloists with more chops than taste. Dave Bryant obviously had that vision as well and has tried to express it on this disc.

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